Carton flows are a type of warehouse storage that work on the basic principle of first-in- first-out when it comes to packages .This means that a carton slides to the bottom of the transit system, during the unloading process, the first carton which slid in the shelves first, becomes the first to be unloaded. As it is unloaded, the next one on top of it slides down for unloading to the bottom shelves with the help of gravity, and the process goes on. As stated earlier, the whole system depends on gravity to pull down the loads or cartons In fact; some people refer to the whole process as gravity feed type of system.

How it works

The system consists of aluminum or sometimes ball bearings located at the bottom of each shelf. They are inclined to a certain angle where the cartons to be transited are laid. In certain circumstances where wheels are inappropriate, steel rollers are used for more efficiency. They work as the means of conveyance in the system. The stops at the base of the system are made from some strong steel and are responsible for bringing the cartons to a stop gently without any damage coming to the goods.

Carton flows generally mediate between low and high volume picking in the storage system cycle.

Importance of carton flow

The system is important to people who purchase merchandise in either full or partial bales. The carton flow system allows for the picking of cartoons in pallets in an organized way, which gives more room for replacing the stock.

The carton flow system can be used by a versatile range of consumer and product companies in that both fast moving and slow moving products can be transited on the system. Some examples of products that the system can store include cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, electronic products and many more.

The following are some of the main benefits of carton flow

-Makes it easy, safe, efficient and faster to transit goods placed in cartons.

-It is easy to keep track and records of the transited goods, which also makes it possible to replace out-of-stock goods using a very easy system.

-Makes accessibility to the products being kept in transit fairly easy.

-They decrease the use of labor by up to 75% which reduces the costs incurred by the company.

-The system organizes the goods in a transit method, separating the fast moving goods from the slow moving goods simultaneously.